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Our Story

We believe everyone, everywhere should have access to good food with balanced nutrition. To help build a healthier nation and make nutrition both accessible and affordable, Unilever Consumer Care Limited (formerly GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited) has been operating in Bangladesh since 1974. With international brands like Horlicks, Maltova, Boost, and GlucoMax D (previously known as Glaxose D), we have been enriching people’s lives and partnering to contribute to build a healthy, sustainable future for Bangladesh.

Over the past four decades, we have been introducing high-quality products with international standards and winning the consumers' hearts. Harboring lovable popular brands, Unilever Consumer Care Limited has fostered a positive corporate image. Unilever Consumer Care Limited (UCL) has a strong leading position in the Health Food Drink (HFD) Category of Bangladesh that we have been proudly maintaining. We take pride in our brands that always touch the lives of people, including Horlicks, which is one of the top brands in Bangladesh, among all categories.

After successfully integrating with Unilever, one of the largest global players in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, we have reemphasized on our purpose of fighting all sorts of malnutrition in Bangladesh through our purpose led brands and initiatives. As guided by the sustainable living principles of our Unilever Compass, UCL zooms in to contribute to ensure “Positive Nutrition” and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of Zero Hunger and Good Health and Wellbeing.

3 shelves showcasing Horlicks and Glucose D with product branding on the railings.


We want to make it easier for people to live well by eating delicious, better-for-you food. Our health drinks are all fortified with critical micronutrients – the much-loved Horlicks Classic, for instance, contains 23 vital nutrients. These are scientifically proven to support an individual's growth and development and to help reduce micronutrient insufficiency in the diet. Horlicks continues to be one of the top brands in Bangladesh across all categories, due to the brand’s consistent delivery of its promise of nutrition to the consumers.

The Horlicks range caters to the nutrition needs of different consumers, from children to adults. In addition, we provide our products across a full range of prices and pack sizes, from small sachets to larger family packs. The convenience of introducing variation in packaging, such as sachets, allows us to continue to provide consumers with the options to buy quality products in small amounts.

Affordable and Accessible options

For many people in Bangladesh, proper nutrition is still out of reach. Cheaper food products are often associated with less healthy offerings. We want to break this paradigm and ensure all have access to affordable, tasty, and nutritious food. This is critical as incomes become more and more polarized and inequalities still exist in terms of accessibility. Using our insight-driven, region-specific go-to-market strategy, we aim to make our products more accessible, for all.

Someone holding a 500g Classic Horlicks and a shelf full of Horlicks in the background

Reaching the ‘last mile’

Conflicting and contradictory health issues like malnourishment on one hand, and social and environmental issues like food poverty on the other – are part of a complex, interdependent system. We are working with governments, NGOs and others to improve the situation and advocating transformational change. From leveraging our retailer development initiative “Pallydut” to accelerating eCommerce platforms like Ushop, we are driving leadership through insight and intelligence. We are also continuing to innovate and amplify different distribution channels to help us increase access to quality, affordable products.

Responsible Marketing

We are committed to promoting healthy diets, not just by providing more nutritious products. We are partnering with stakeholders like Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) and Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI), Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCI), Bangladesh Health Journalist Network and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to aware, engage and advocate on issues like nutrition labeling, product reformulation, and responsible advertising.

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