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Md. Naharul Islam Molla

Photo of Md. Naharul Islam Molla

Company Secretary and Regulatory Affairs Head

Md. Naharul Islam Molla is the Company Secretary and Regulatory Affairs Head of Unilever Consumer Care Limited. He has 27 years of professional experience in Food, Nutrition, Cosmetics, OTC drugs and Consumer Health Care sector. He joined UCL (ex GSK) in May 2016 and led the Regulatory and Corporate Affairs function of Bangladesh, Myanmar & Nepal for the Consumer Healthcare business as Director - Regulatory and Corporate Affairs. Prior to joining UCL, he spent 19 years in Nestlé Bangladesh Limited in various roles including Manager - Expert Marketing, Senior Manager - Business Excellence, Public Relations and Compliance.

During his professional journey, Nahar has accomplished multiple critical
assignments to unlock and safeguard business. Nahar also served as a Director of GSK Bangladesh Board from December 2018 to June 2020.

He completed graduation and post-graduation from the Department of Geology, University of Dhaka. Outside his professional duties, Nahar is passionate about participating in different social activities and is involved in multiple associations.

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