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Md. Tafizul Islam Pial

Photo of Md. Tafizul Islam Pial

Head of Sales

Md. Tafizul Islam Pial commenced his tenure at Unilever Bangladesh Limited in 2006, undertaking the role of Territory Manager. Over the span of 16 years, he has garnered extensive expertise within Unilever, encompassing roles in Field Sales, Customer, and Brand Marketing, forging a distinguished career trajectory marked by both depth and breadth in GTM strategies.

Throughout his journey, Pial has excelled in pivotal business roles, accruing invaluable experience. Notably, post successful stints as Regional Manager, he subsequently assumed the role of Channel Development and Shopper Marketing Lead. Further, in his capacity as General Sales Operations Manager, Pial demonstrated adeptness in establishing future-fit and compliant RTM partnerships, indispensable for securing a competitive advantage and fostering sustainable growth. Following the successful integration of GSK operations, he was appointed as the Head of Sales for Nutrition, Emerging Business, and Sales Operations, wherein he played a pivotal role in shaping the HFD business. Subsequently, on 01st July 2023, Pial assumed the position of Sales Operations and Capability Director, with a continued commitment to driving excellence within the organisation.

Pial holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration discipline from Khulna University.

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