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Ensuring Nutrition for the Nation

Horlicks is a trusted and reliable health food drink brand that has been the market leader in the Health Food Drinks category in Bangladesh for several years. With its commitment to promoting proper nutrition, Horlicks has become a household name and a go-to choice for mothers across the country.

Enriched with 23 vital nutrients, Horlicks has been clinically proven to help support children’s immunity, healthy weight gain, healthy blood, better concentration, more muscles, and more bone area. This ensures the proper growth of a child, making it an essential part of a child’s daily diet. The brand’s classic malt flavor is equally loved by children and adults, while the chocolate variant is a delicious treat for chocolate lovers.

Horlicks has been focused on educating consumers about the importance of a balanced diet, particularly for children. To achieve this, the company has launched several campaigns over the years aimed at building product awareness, highlighting the nutritional benefits of Horlicks and its similarity to other nutritious foods like milk, spinach, and oranges.

Under the “NutriStar” campaign, Horlicks has increased its door-to-door campaign to reach millions of parents and raise awareness about the importance of proper nutrition and how Horlicks can help meet their child’s nutritional needs. The brand has also run activities in schools to educate children and parents about maintaining proper nutrition for growth.

Horlicks has been committed to promoting proper nutrition and positioning itself as a trusted brand that can help meet the nutritional needs of children. With its focus on providing essential nourishment for everyone, Horlicks is a brand that is loved and trusted by millions of mothers across Bangladesh.

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