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Boost is the secret of my energy

Boost, with its rich legacy, has been a steadfast supporter of young adults and children, providing them with chocolatey nutrition to conquer any sporting challenge with unwavering determination and stamina. Backed by clinical evidence, Boost's claim of increasing stamina by 3 times has made it a trusted choice for athletes and individuals seeking an energy boost.

This delectable chocolatey drink is packed with 17 essential nutrients* carefully selected to fuel energy levels and support metabolism, ensuring best performance. With Boost, the consumer can confidently embrace any physical activity, knowing that they have the nutritional support necessary to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.


Boost is not just a beverage, but a nourishing addition to the daily diet and exercise regimen, designed to complement the active lifestyle.

Based on an independent study conducted in 2009, Boost has demonstrated its effectiveness in enhancing endurance. In a 20m shuttle test measuring whole-body endurance, children (aged 7-10.5 years) who consumed Boost completed 25% more shuttles compared to those who consumed a non-fortified chocolate beverage, which resulted in only an 8% increase. (Reference: J.Nutr 141: 2007-2023, 2011).

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